Ohaus Starter 5000 pH Bench Meter

• IP54 housing protects the meter from damage by water and dust particles
• The transparent in-use cover provides an extra layer of protection
Practical Operation
• The positioning of the standalone electrode holder can be moved around the base to fit your workstation best and the height can also be adjusted for optimal viewing
• Use the built-in USB host port to export data or RS232 to connect a printer to the meter

Various High-Level Capabilities Propel Powerful
High resolution
• 0.001/0.01/0.1pH
• 0.01/0.1/1 mV
Advanced Memory
• Large memory bank can store the data of up to 1,000 individual
Heightened Performance
• Meter can be set to record continuous measurement at designated
intervals of time
—Graphs can be simultaneously generated
• Starter 5000 has a GLP measurement mode that records critical information such as User ID
and sample ID to generate complete and traceable information
• 10 sensors that can store the results of 10 separate calibrations for each sensor
— pH-mV axis graphs can be viewed for each set of calibration data
— An alert can be set to remind user to calibrate the meter
• Up to a nine point calibration ensures extreme precision with a large calibration curve that
covers a wider pH measurement range
• Manual, automatic, and time endpoints produce enhanced results
• Eight predefined buffers and one customizable buffer are standard
Advanced Software and Technology Support Complex Applications and
Intuitive Operation
All of Starter 5000’s features are at your fingertips. The color touchscreen display operates similar to
everyday products such as smartphones and tablet computers.
Color Touchscreen Display
• 4.3" high-resolution color touchscreen has large digits and
well-arranged icons
— Recognizable icons provide direct, one-touch access to
important information including user ID, sample ID, date, time,
current calibration group, and sensor performance where you
can check detailed calibration data
— Return to the main menu from any screen with just one button
tap on the display
• One touch toggling between pH, mV(ORP) and Rel.mV

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