Biologix 300V Power Supply

The Biologix 300V Power Supply is ideal for a variety of DNA, RNA, and protein electrophoresis as well as blotting. These safe and user-friendly power supplies have advanced specifications, high performance, long life spans, and compact sizing.


  • Universal transformer 100V-240V, suitable for all countries
  • Multiple safety features for your protection: no load detection, shrouded plugs and sockets, leakage detection, over temp protection, crossover protection, full floating, over current/voltage detection
  • Compact, easy to operate, user friendly
  • Units are stackable and programmable

• 1 Piece/Case

Cat. No.
Output Voltage / Inc
10 - 300V / 1V
Output Current / Inc
10 - 400mA / 1mA
Output Power
Output Type
Constant voltage / current
1~999 minutes with alarm, continuous
Rated Voltage
100 - 240V
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