Biologix 03-3100 Electrophoresis Tank

Biologix offers two varieties of electrophoresis tank, offering a wide degree of versatility. Each is supplied with at least two different tray sizes in combination with a wider range of combs for convenient and easy operation for nucleic acid separation. Agarose gel casting is leak-proof and samples are easy to load. Molded NAS plastic construction provides leak-free durability.


  • Low buffer consumption
  • Injection molded tank
  • At least two or three tray options available
  • Compatible with multi-channel pipettes
  • Great indications of gel making and running
  • No tapes, clamps, or springs required

• 1 Piece/Case 


Cat. No.
Unit Dimensions
(W x L x H)
220 x 125 x 90mm
Gel Dimensions (W x L)
100 x 70mm
100 x 100mm
Maximum Sample
50 for 100 x 70mm
100 for 100 x 100mm
Rapid Casting Gel
Use gel maker stand
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